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Simple Tips To Secure Your WordPress Blog/Website

Sep 17, 2012   //   by admin   //   News Updates  //  No Comments

Whether your website was built from scratch by your development team or you chose to create a DIY site on a third party turnkey platform, as a site owner it’s your job to ensure that every piece of software you run is up to date.

Keep your website plugins & themes up-to-date. Just as you update the Core online platform regularly, you should also update plugins and themes. Each plugin installed on your site is like a backdoor into your site’s admin. Unless properly secured (vetted thoroughly, updated regularly, etc), plugins and themes are like an open door to your personal info. So ensure that you regularly update your website to keep it secured.

Change file permissions. Avoid configuring directories with 777 permissions. You should opt for 755 or 750, instead. While you’re at it, set files to 640 or 644 and configuration files to 600

Change your password often (and make it good). Random strings of letters and numbers are best. If you don’t feel like coming up with something manually, you can use a password generator to accomplish the task like Norton Password Generator or Strong Password Generator.

Make sure your users establish strong usernames and passwords. It’s all fine and well if you create a good username and password but if your users don’t, your personal efforts won’t matter and your site will be just as vulnerable.

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